Elite Night Credit for Rewarding Events?

Discussion created by carbide_cyanide on May 3, 2019
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Howdy folks,


New to the forum but wanted to ask you all as I've lurked for quite some time. I am current Titanium elite, trying to requal this year as Platinum (I was lifetime plat under the 7 year rule but was downgraded to lifetime gold). The question I have for you is this: I currently have 20 nights on my account for the year: 3 in Washington, 2 in Toronto, and 15 from credit card Elite nights. Since January I have been the contract signer and point recipient for 4 events at Marriott hotels: 2 at full service properties and 2 at select service. I should get 10 elite night credits for my first event of the year under the new RE rules but they have not posted . Has anyone had this issue? Who can I call to resolve? 


P.S I miss the 10 night credit per event...I got 70 nights from that alone last year.