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SPG to Bonvoy issues not solved

Question asked by noamk on Apr 30, 2019


  1. I am a BONVOY member.
  2. Previously I had an SPG account.
  3. My SPG membership level was: Corporate Preferred Guest.
  4. My SPG account was created in 2000 (19 years of seniority).
  5. My current BONVOY account, which replaces my legacy SPG account, indicates: MEMBER SINCE 2014. Why is that? Why did I lose all my seniority years? 
  6. I am now registered as holding a BONVOY MEMBER level. How come this entry level replaces my former SPG Corporate Preferred Guest level?
  7. To try and fix the above 2 issues, I sent an email to Bonvoy support and asked them to:
    1. Match/upgrade my BONVOY level to my legacy SPG level.
    2. Update the correct membership start date to 2000.
  8. To my surprise, the answer was short and rude:
    sorry, not possible
  9. When I asked why, the answer was:
    because it is not possible.

That's the attitude. They call it Customer CARE.  But it seems that care is the last thing on their mind. They simply do not care and actually, we get the impression that this attitude is their prevalent corporate culture. 


Am I the only one encountering these issues?


Thank you,