Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel: Spirit to Serve

Discussion created by laurenwm on Apr 28, 2019
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I had a  rough day before arriving at the hotel, Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel, I had a long, late flight, I'd accidentally gone to the wrong Renaissance hotel (there's two within a few miles of each other), and among a few other issues, I was in a terrible mood by the time I arrived.  When I reached the check in desk, Danielle was on the phone. She politely told me she'd be with me in a minute, and when she hung up and started checking me in, she got another call. I was feeling pretty impatient and was fairly short with her. I got to my room at 11:46, and was starving. I tried to call room service and was redirected to the front desk because they close at 11:45. In my state of frustration / exhaustion / hunger, I was upset and started ranting about how had she not been on the phone, I would have made it to my room in time to place my order, since I only missed it by one minute. It was rude, and unnecessary, but she was very polite and apologetic and transferred me to the manager. He was kind, but confirmed room service was closed and they could not make an exception, he did offer me some points. I accepted, decided to order delivery. Everywhere I was looking was either closed or outside of the radius of delivery. I called back to the front desk to ask for recommendations and Danielle answered again. I felt a little embarrassed to be speaking to her again after my attitude towards her on the last call, but she was so polite and helpful. She gave me some suggestions and I went online to place an order, a minute later she called me back and said the kitchen had a leftover chicken salad, and offered it to me complimentary. She had already been polite and professional with me, when I was not to her, and the issue was resolved, but then she went out of her way to do something completely above and beyond what was needed or expected, even after I had been rude. Had someone treated me the way I treated her, I would not have wanted to do anything at all for them, especially not something extra like that. I was blown away by this level of service, she even delivered it to my room herself. She completely turned my night around. The Marriott level of customer care has always been something I appreciated, and why I keep coming back, but this was well past that already high standard. Thank you Danielle, I hope you know what a valuable team member you have in Atlanta. She handled herself with grace and professionalism, and then went above and beyond to make sure I had a positive experience,  even when I did not deserve it.