Customer's responsibility to make sure the points are accurate

Discussion created by klmike on Apr 27, 2019
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Hi guys,


Not sure if it's just me but has anyone called Marriott about missing points? Marriott in total now owes me points for 20 nights, and it's been almost a month now and every time when I talk to Marriott they told me it's my responsibility to make sure the points are correct, i.e. they don't apologies for points missing, and it's too bad if customer hasn't noticed. Not to mention it's been almost a month now since they have promised to correct my points within 5 working days. 


I do feel there is a significant decline in customer service for members after the merge, and almost feels like they are trying to get rid of some members after their member base expanded dramatically after the merge. What do you guys think?


Having said that, most of the Marriott properties I been to still holds the standard though, hopefully that won't change.