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M Club Lounge - Recent Impression

Question asked by heydude25 on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by phctourist

I have not stayed at a "Marriott Hotel" in a while.  I am currently a Titanium Member.  Stayed 10 days ago at a Marriott in Charlotte (Category 4 ) and was less than impressed by the "M Club".  Breakfast was very basic - more like a Fairfield Inn - Vat of scrambled eggs (still runny) and turkey bacon were the hot items.  Bagel some bread you could toast.  Small containers of fruit some yogurt and a couple dried cereals / muesli.  A few fruit drinks plus of course coffee and tea.   


In the evening you can get up to two drinks (wine or draft beer) but I didn't partake so I don't want to really comment there.  Nor did I see if any snacks were available.  I will be staying there again this weekend and will check.


Now I don't expect a huge spread but some differentiation from a "Premium Brand" Marriott Hotels vs a "Select Brand" like Fairfield Inn or Springhill Suites.  Especially when we are comparing M Club for Elites and free breakfast to all guests like Fairfield.  


Any thoughts.  I did a search but had not seen a recent post on this topic.