Spririt to Serve Nomination

Discussion created by ty3 on Apr 24, 2019
I would like to nominate Madame Frederique Horlsey at the Moxy Paris Bastille Le Marais for a Spirit to Serve Award.  Recently, as unseasonably warm weather descended upon Paris, my family and I checked into our room at the Moxy Paris Bastille.  The air conditioning was not working.  Nor was internet access functional in our room.  After spending one sleepless night in the room, I went down to the front desk to plead for relief. Subsequent sleepless nights spent in the room would all but ruin our family vacation in Paris. After maintenance was unable to mitigate the problem (and other available rooms at the same property had the same problem), Madame Horsley took pity on us and spent an hour or more calling around to other Marriott properties to identify more suitable family accommodations with working climate control.  Many other properties were experiencing the same problem. Nevertheless, she succeeded in relocating us in perhaps the only family room available at another Marriott property in Paris.  Madame Horsley even covered the cost of the taxi between properties. What a difference the change made for my family.
For her kind (and merciful) gesture recently in accommodating my family in another Marriott property when the air conditioning (and internet) in our room at the Moxy Paris Bastille proved unusable, my family and I would like to nominate Madame Horsley for this award.  Her efforts were greatly appreciated and allowed my family to sleep in comfort.  She very much contributed to a positive experience for my family while we visited Paris.
I will admit that I have long been a "Hilton guy"--primarily because Hilton properties are more ubiquitous in the parts of Texas to which I traveled when I started my job--but Madame Horsley's professionalism and outstanding service will certainly draw me toward Marriott in the future.  She single-handedly may have turned me into a "Marriott guy."
Thanks again to Madame Horsley for everything she did during my family's recent stay in Paris.  It made a big difference to us personally, and significantly raised the prominence of the Marriott brand in our eyes.  I have already been telling colleagues at work how well we were treated.  Thank you!