Shenzhen, China (Futian District) travel. 

Discussion created by street on Apr 22, 2019

In the past 5 months I've stayed at JW, Ritz and Sheraton.  All 3 have a club.  I get automatic club access at both JW and Sheraton.  The Ritz tried to get me to pay a reduced price and then decided to give me the club access for 5 night stay.


The JW has the best club out of the 3 and does have nice rooms.  The Ritz has the best room.  There was nothing I liked about the Sheraton accept it was best location of the 3.  Of locations JW was the worst for having nice activities within walking distance.


These are the only 3 properties I've stayed.  Anyone have any other suggestions of where to Bonvoy in Shenzen?