Oh No - SNA failures, tell us here

Discussion created by brightlybob on Apr 22, 2019
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Now we should by now know SNAs are not straight upgrade certificates. Instead they’re a bit like a dog marking its territory - you reserve the room and use the SNA to choose the upgrades you’d like and 5 days before your stay the SNA computer combs those types of SNA room upgrades you’ve selected and if there’s availability it’ll bag the room and upgrade your reservation for you, free of charge. And if not, then it’ll continue to monitor the hotel for cancellations up until arrival but if still unsuccessful will return the unfulfilled SNA back into your account for you to try again on another reservation. 


Complaints about SNAs seem manyfold but the two most common are:


1. A plain misunderstood belief SNAs are straight upgrade certificates reserving the chosen upgrade on day one when as discussed above, they’re not; or


2. A glitch on Advance Purchase (ADP) rates where the SNA option doesn’t activate - it is however possible to work-around the glitch by first opening a non-ADP reservation that is available for SNAs and then opening a new browser window and using that to open the ADP reservation you wish to upgrade. Then (keeping both windows open) return to your non-ADP reservation and click on the SNA option which will then take you to the SNA options for the ADP reservation you’re looking to upgrade. And yes, it does work, I did it for my Dixon stay in March which was an ADP and they upgraded me to a lovely suite - very nice!


But there remain inexplicable notices on reservations that “SNAs can’t be used on this booking” (raising the question, why?) and situations where the SNA is returned unfulfilled but the hotel still offers the chosen upgrade for sale on, or even worse, that Marriott advises the SNA has cleared but when members turn up at the hotel and checkin the upgrade isn’t given. 


The misunderstanding and ADP issues I hope we’ve tackled, but the rest - well here’s where we get to know where the gaps are!