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Upgrade to Bonvoy Boundless Card

Question asked by nmballoonist on Apr 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by nmballoonist

Has anyone gotten the following offer?

I did not upgrade my existing card because I did not want to lose the 1 night/$3K spending for another year. With my past stays I just need 20 more stays to complete this year at the platinum level to give me my 10 years and 600 nights for lifetime platinum. My current stays are 31 nights with 12 more reserved this year, and easily anticipate another 5 nights this year.  So just need to make sure I score another 2 night via stays or my current card to make my lifetime status. 


If I read the terms correctly, if I upgrade and spend the $3K,  the 15 nights will count to towards my yearly night count and my lifetime night count.  That would easily get my Lifetime Platinum status but I would also like to score Titanium again this year to carry into 2020 before I retire early next year. I've run the math and so I know that I would have to spend on the order of $75K to get platinum with my current card to get Platinum for next year, which is unlikely.  I am much more likely to get another 10 nights via stays if I convert.


So I know there is no "right" answer, but my question to my fellow Insiders there any downside to pulling the trigger and changing my card or am I missing something.  Any of your thoughts will be appreciated.