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Discussion created by fuzzybass on Apr 18, 2019
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Anybody have experience with using this?

A few weeks ago I had booked a couple of activities.  I didn't find the search feature great but saw a couple of things I was planning on booking on my own so figured I'd give it a try. 

While it is a few $ more to book here versus directly with the activity, I saw a couple of benefits that seemed to make it worth while.

  • Got 10 points per $ for booking with Bonvoy 
  • Can Cancel within 72 hours of event - This was the benefit that really sold it for me

I am now a few weeks later and looking to make a change to one of the activities and they certainly don't make it easy.

  • While you can cancel, you need to call a number to do this.
  • I was on hold for about 5 min listening to music and 4 times in row as soon as it seemed like somebody would pick up, the phone hangs up - UGGGGG
  • The 5th time, somebody picks up. Of course at this point I'm feeling a bit frustrated and let the person on the phone know what happened.  I got the apology but was clear that they didn't care and had no way to even report this on there end. 
  • Spent a half hour on the phone with them trying to figure out how to change
  • Finally they gave up took my info and said somebody would be contacting me - Not really getting the warm and fuzzy confidence that everything will be okay for changes.


Amazing that you can't access your reservation on line and make changes

Add to my wish list, it would be nice if the activity showed up in my Titanium future trips info or someplace on my Bonvoy App.  


I was planning on booking other activities but I am now going to wait until after I have completed the two I have booked and make sure I'm comfortable with everything.