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Best place to stay in Boston?

Question asked by scottjr2015 on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by pluto77

First off, I am fairly new to posting on this site, however, I have been a reader for awhile now. Thank you to everyone for all of your valuable insights and opinions. They are all very helpful. 


My wife and I will be traveling to Boston over Labor Day weekend this year to catch the ZBB concert at Fenway. Was wondering if any insiders had any suggestions on where to stay? We are open to anywhere within Boston really and it doesn’t necessarily have to be near Fenway as we are fine with traveling on the Subway to get around. We also have a free night certificate that we may use depending on if it is a Category 5 or less (might not be many of these options though in Boston). We can find another use for it easily elsewhere. 


What are your favorite places to stay or any places/hotels that you would definitely avoid?


Thanks in advance!