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How to Find out What Redemption Options Exist

Question asked by mdtravel on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by gobisbay

Many apologies in advance for this but it comes from the 'this is how it used to be with Starwood' perspective.


w/ Starwood, I could look online for award redemption options for a hotel and know that what I was seeing was not total inventory / options.  Curse you Starwood.  For example, I might see the Gritti Palace has an award night for a standard room, I call my good old trustee SPG Platinum line, which picks up on a ring or two and is staffed by reps assigned only to the top tier elites and know darned near everything about the program and can make things happen, and then I ask this person:  are there other award options available.  Now that person who I shall call "My Idol" or alternatively "What Your Top Clients Deserve" would say to me:  "Mr. Top Tier But Not Quite Ambassador Who Has Given Us Several Hundred (aka more than a couple and a few) Thousand Dollars Over the Last Two Decades, I see that for X points you can book this other larger room, and for Y points there is this still even larger larger other room.'  


I could say 'wow My Idol, I would most certainly like to book one of those.  Can you please help me?'  And my idol would do exactly that.  And it would not take long.  And it would be accurate.  And it would take less than 1.00000001 calls to do it.


Now then.  If you're reading still, my questions are:  if i see rooms for say 40k points, is there a chance there are other POINTS only options if I call?  Should i call?  Is there special language to use to get the right answer the first time?  I'm trying to book an award stay for my wife and I, plus our 9-year old. My ability to do this sort of booking, without idle (different spelling) treats, will drive my loyalty to the brand that is MR.


Oh, and I'm interested in points redemptions more so than a bunch of cash and little bit of points redemptions.