Just a Week to TIPPLE on 27 April

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UPDATED 20th April


Wow, folks, can you believe it’s only a week until him:




And him




And him 



and me and MrsBrightlyBob


meet up in London on Saturday 27 April. Gosh there’s so many me’s - what a homage to handsomeness they are!


And there’s still time to join our merry band, so for you prevaricators out there I say - Aruba jet-lag? Isn’t the point of an Aruba Resort holiday to relax and unwind? If so hallchr should be ready to wind up at London Turn-Up-&-TIPPLE fully unwound - Well it makes sense to me! And as for the fortunes of Sunderland and it’s promotion prospects stopping a good TIPPLE, well, after Sunderland’s loss last weekend it has no chance of taking the title and has diminished its prospects of automatic promotion but whatever happens it’s definitely made the playoffs. In any event, it’s not as if Sunderland is being promoted to unseen heights, it’s been in both the Premiership and Championship, and is still certain of its chance to playoff, so normanp, don’t let this affliction pass up this first time-ever London Turn-Up-&-TIPPLE. It’s a one-off. There’s never likely to be another like it since it’s really unlikely that both pey and bejacob will simultaneously be visiting our capital. In fact despite many mini-TIPPLES since TIPPLE-the-First in 2016, there’s never been a TIPPLE with more than 2 people in London. 


We will be meeting up at the Marriott County Hall in Gillrays Bar at 6pm. As always all Insiders are welcome, whether you’ve announced an intention to join us or not. Just turn up and look out for any of the reprobates pictured above, or me, of course! It’s going to be hot, hot, hot that weekend, possibly as high as 60f (phew, we pasty Northerners will swelter, so much heat) so there’s likely to be plenty of Hawaiian Shirts on display! I’ll be in the bar by 5:30 as I suspect will bejacob but we’ll hang around there till at least 6:30pm before making our way out into Westminster, crossing the bridge and visiting the Two Chairmen and the Westminster Arms. If everyone feels like it we may venture over to the St Ermins bar for a little Historic wartime MI5 Tippling. We aren’t intending to eat but both pubs and St Ermins do serve food if you get hungry en-route. At the end of the night I’ll be heading back to my hotel by Tube and I’ll help anyone unfamiliar with that, brilin will be on the LHR nightbus back to the Skyline and I’m sure will be happy to assist anyone heading that way, and bejacob will be crossing the bridge back to County Hall - oooer, don’t exhaust yourself there, bejacob. As with all TIPPLES wives, husbands and significant indescribables are very welcome. Indeed this is going to be well attended by wives with Mrs Bejacob, Mrs Pey and Mrs BrightlyBob in (confused) attendance, it’s all looking good for a week on Saturday 


So this is it, folks, this is now the final call for the Turn-Up-&-TIPPLE Train to London’s TU&T. All Aboaaard