Marriott needs to start a corporate/business program like Delta SkyBonus or Hertz Business

Discussion created by hopetix on Apr 13, 2019

I book my own travel as well as travel for several people in our company. These are people who I can choose to put anywhere. Since we are unable to earn points on our own accounts for people who work with us, or even our own family or even our spouse, it seems to me it would make sense for Marriott to start a corporate program for businesses similar to what Delta SkyBonus and Hertz Business does. While you don't receive the same amount of points (a lesser amount than if I was staying), you do receive points for the company to put towards free flights or free car rental days. This is in addition to the persons own personal account. They still get their own Hertz or Delta FF miles.


I am now LifeTime Titanium, and have zero incentive to choose Marriott for my employees, spouse or family for stays that don't include a group of 10 or more where I can get meeting planner points.


I literally just had this happen this week...instead of choosing a Marriott property which was a couple of dollars more, I put them at a Choice Hotel because it was less expensive. If I had had someway of earning points towards my BonVoy account, or for our company, I'd have certainly booked him at the Courtyard for the night. 


Seems like a no brainer to me to give incentive to businesses to book at Marriott....