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What would be fair compensation?

Question asked by bacon14 on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by placestoseeandgo

Insiders, I really would like your feedback on what you would consider fair compensation in the following scenario.  I'm expecting a call from management to discuss how they want to compensate me, but wanted to be armed with your thoughts.


Booked a 2 queen suite at a Courtyard for 3 nights.  My mom had surgery and stairs were going to be an issue for a few days so I thought going to the courtyard would be a good post op recovery for a few days.  I choose the Courtyard because it was close to her home in case I needed to run and grab anything and they have the bistro for breakfast/dinner options.  I'm a good daughter but didn't want to cook so this is why I picked the courtyard over the residence inn


Thursday night, one key didn't work in the door but the other did no problem.  Friday, key worked after about 3 tries so I thought I better stop at the front desk and have them get me new keys.  Left mom snoozing to go down, grab dinner and get new keys.  Back up to the room and neither key works.  Gentleman at the front desk comes back up with me and his master key won't work.  He goes down, calls the engineer and comes back to replace the batteries, still won't work.  Thankfully after about 30 minutes of this, my mom wakes up and manages to open the door.  WHEW!  He keeps working on the door for another 30 minutes to no avail.  Saturday morning, the head engineer shows up and works for over 2 hours (mind you our door is open and we have him in our room during all of this) before admitting he can't get it fixed so we'll have to change rooms. Of course no 2 queen suites were available so we had to take the king suite and share the bed.  Everyone was truly kind, getting a wheelchair to help move my mom and helping us move but it was very stressful to be locked out from her and having to move mid stay when I just wanted her to sleep and recover.


Ultimate reservation guarantee?  In all honestly, the room rate isn't high so I'd probably prefer points over money off the reservation as they all ready indicated they would be doing in some fashion.


Thanks in advance for your feedback!