Awful Costa Mesa Marriott

Discussion created by ljharmony on Apr 12, 2019
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The hotel doesn't care and don't treat their top loyal Ambassador guest well.  In fact, they don't care!  


The worst problem among many was on our Friday check-out, we left the room little less than 40 minutes and return the room at 8:45am, housekeeping already tossed away our stuff including a whole bag of Whole Food organic fruits into the trash.  She was standing in front of our room when we returned 8:45am, we asked her and she admitted she cleaned our room but saw nothing.


Really?  A bag of Whole Food?  Yes, 8:45am was when we got back to our room.  We alerted the Front Desk.  Front Desk gave us the typical talking points:  Sorry, we will coach our staff again.  


They treated a loyal Ambassador like this.  Imagine what they will do to you!