Renaissance Warsaw Airport - Nice Surprise

Discussion created by mgcandfnc on Apr 11, 2019
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Hi we recently stayed at this superb property -  One year old and straight across the road from arrivals at the Chopin airport.  On our first stay -- mid March 2019 -- after a busy work day ( my wife is a consultant currently for a major pharma company's tax program) we decided to have a relaxing night and eat in the restaurant.  BTW it is winter and cold !  After a quick drink in the Club Lounge we headed down to the Restaurant Challenge 32.  We ordered a bottle of white wine and a main course.  The wine arrived not chilled but did have an ice bucket.  After about an hours wait and others around us being served we decided to investigate only to discover there had been a comms problem between the waiter and the kitchen -- with both blaming each other for dropping the ball !  We made a bit of a fuss and have to say the next day the Exec Chef came and had a chat about the issue.  All good and left it at that.  We did BTW get a 50% food credit and a free bottle of wine.  So case closed as far as we were concerned.


The big & pleasant surprise  was when we checked in again this week.  On our way to our room we were met by the Exec Chef (Andy Bryk) and the restaurant manager (Jon) and invited to "try again" for an evening meal.  As you can imagine we were spoilt and everything went to plan -- as you would normally expect.  The food is definitely "restaurant class" not just run of the mill hotel food -- very creative, classy and elegant.  A credit to Andy and his team -- but what str#ck us the most was the fact that they had obviously coordinated with the front desk to alert them of our arrival -- good communications this time and Fiona and I were impressed.


So for those of you that travel to Warsaw -- worth staying at this very modern, state of the art property which is a short taxi drive into the city.  The Club Lounge is very well thought out, serves excellent breakfast and evening hors d'oeuvre plus cocktails or wine.