Running maps now available in aloft and brands other than Westin?

Discussion created by spglifeforlife on Apr 10, 2019

I am a keen runner and since I sterted running outside, I avoid the dreadmill at all costs.  I like that Westins since they introduced ‘westin workout’ years ago have running maps.  Although having said that, thhe Westin Bonaventure L.A provided what is by far the worst suggested running route I have ever seen (this in the centre of the financial district downtown L.A. and every intersection has a traffic light! Its not even a 5k! Took matters into my own hands and found a park a few miles away.  This week I asked Aloft Jacksonville about local running routes and to my surprise they handed me the route attached which was great!  Is this a standard thing now at alofts and or any of the other marriott brands?  Do they need somebody to come up with these?! :-)