Marriott Bonvoy Moments glitches

Discussion created by chevent on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by nipper

The Marriott Bonvoy "moments / activities" stuff is a giant mess.   The website went down for two days and no  one could explain why, then when it came back up the activity I wanted was gone.


I had been following a moment and bidding on it for two weeks - today was the last day.  As the bidding got higher and time was running out (20 min) - the website gave me the option of buying more points.  I bought more points to ensure I could win.   Then the website suddenly stopped me and would not acknowledge any of the purchased points or points that I transferred. 


I called several different departments explaining that there were only 15 minutes left and begging for help. No one knew anything, no one could help,  no one knows who handles it blah blah.   I watched it go until the last minute and it went for 40,000 points above where they locked me out.  I still had 120,000 points to spend.   I am so disgusted with this process and every single department and customer service person that I spoke with and BEGGED for help today.  You ruined my daughters birthday present.