Bonvoy Titanium Elite Benefits Not Real!

Discussion created by kbmarriotttitaniumlifer on Apr 8, 2019
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I must admit that I am very frustrated as I write this. I am currently staying at the Palm Desert Villas II. I am a Lifetime Titanium Elite with over 1300 Marriott nights under my belt and have been a Rewards Elite member for over 29 years. 


I am checking out today but have requested and been denied a 4 pm checkout several times in the last 2 days (see Titanium Elite Benefits guaranteeing a 4pm late checkout). I was told by the Front Desk Manager, by way of the front desk clerk (he didn’t actually bother to tell me himself), that the Marriott Bonvoy Rewards program does not apply to any Vacation Club property although I have not been able to find that little detail in any of the fine print. They did offer a noon check out for the lock off room but not the main room. According to the clerk, the unit had been specifically reserved for the “owner” and therefore no accomodation could be made. What is interesting and very frustrating is that very close friends have been MVC owners for over 10 years and have never been able to reserve a specific room number in all that time. Further, when we checked in for our 2 bedroom stay, they were going to put us in some nearby villas that are technically off property but “on property” (Jasmine Court). We requested something on property/on property and were given a bunch of options. So the idea that someone is coming into our specific unit and could not be accommodated anywhere else on this vast property is ludicrous. When I told the front desk clerk this, he smiled knowingly, shrugged and said “that’s the rule from the manager”.


To add insult to injury, I was told I needed to go the registration desk and get new keys programmed in order to stay until noon in the lock off, which I did.... twice. This meant drive down to the registration desk, wait in line, get the new keys and then head back to the room x2. The keys don’t work, security had to come and they said the lock was broken and needed to be fixed. I just got in (it’s now 12:51 and I am writing this from the lock off) because they reprogrammed keys didn’t work. We wasted an entire morning and part of the afternoon on sitting in the room because we could not re-enter, reprogramming keys, locks and waiting in line. 


At the end of this ridiculous ordeal, the Manager finally agreed to a 4 pm checkout: In a different room at a cost of $125!!!! The benefits specify that late checkout is dependent on availability.... there is obviously availability. To say I am outraged would be an insult to outrage!


Thank you Marriott for your lack of appreciation, new program, not so real benefits and false promises.