Moxy NYC Downtown - Something DIFFERENT! First Impressions (and plenty of pics)

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So, I've (finally) stayed at a Moxy - Moxy NYC Downtown, in the Financial District, a stone's throw from the Brooklyn Bridge - and, well, it was quite an experience.  Much to recommend it (so I won't simply call it a mixed bag), but it seems rather clear to me that I am not the target demographic.  (But more on that below.)  As for impressions:

  • I kind of liked the spartan, elegant simplicity of my room - having said that, no excess ANYTHING - check out the minimalist "night stand" or whatever you call it;
    night stand?
  • Really liked the location - SUPER EASY to reach from Penn (train) Station - just hop on the A or C METRO to Fulton Street, and it's just around the corner - and, of course, super accessible to the World Trade Center and the Brooklyn Bridge (more on these below);
  • Two tier elevator system was a (minor) hassle (which I'm sure would get really old, really fast - mandatory elevator from street level to 3rd floor (central) lobby, bar (LONG, well stocked bar), communal area, eatery, sports complex (OK, sports was everything from Basketball (seriously) to skee-ball to tabletop shuffleboard to...)
    • It's on the 3rd floor - in the center of everything - where one realizes that this is place for, um, younger people....  I can't say how much younger, but I didn't see anyone who even remotely looked like they were over 50, and not many who looked over 40...  (OK, a couple of my grad students also stayed at the hotel, and they confirmed that - other than me - they didn't see anyone who looked remotely close to 50, let alone older...)
    • Quite the evening scene on the 3rd floor on Thursday night - DJ going strong, lots of folks hanging around....
  • Most excellent electric, remote black out blinds - a superb feature;
  • Ah, yes, I was upgraded to a 28th floor room with a nice view (although the view from the elevator lobby was even better):

Brooklyn Bridge from elevator lobby

  • No closet (or open closet storage), with flat hangers - basically, the entry hallway was the closet -  ah, yes, and check out the chairs - yup, that's them on the wall below the (functional) luggage rack - not exactly optimal for long desk/work sessions (and, frankly, not terribly stable), but a perfect companion to the (small but functional) pull-down (and close up) desk/work surface ... well ... check it out:
  • Comfortable bed, limited covers (including only a half-blanket, which I found a mite strange);
  • I can't say I liked (although I didn't hate) the toiletries, nor were any extra creature comforts (like lotion or a sewing kit or even a plastic laundry bag) to be found anywhere - and interesting that they'd offer a robe, but not slippers, given that the floor was not carpeted...
  • But the location ... well ... it's pretty cool to be able to (easily) walk over the Brooklyn Bridge:

Brooklyn Bridge

  • and, you're not just close, you're basically at the base of the World Trade Center and the Oculus (which is kind of cool) - to be clear, that's NOT One World Trade in the background of this picture, the main attraction is directly behind the Oculus - and, just to be clear it's definitely worth walking INTO (inside of) the Oculus....;


  • Here's what I first saw when I popped out of the METRO (a couple of blocks from the hotel):


Full disclaimer: within the area (this part of NYC), I'm guessing the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott is more my style - more conventional, Concierge Lounge, etc.   More on that property here: ... and, frankly, that's a horse of an entirely different color.... And, while I'm on that topic, the bridge is really cool - Sorry iahflyr, I wasn't pulling my weight (and it was a one-night, on-the-train up-and-back), so no camera on this trip - just the mobile phone - I can't wait to go back with my tripod and big-boy camera and get to the bridge for sunrise (with no crowds - oh my, it was a literal sea of humanity).... All things in time...

Brooklyn Bridge (2)