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Extra person fee added 8 months after reservation was made. Advice please...

Question asked by halfwayaroundtheworld on Apr 5, 2019
We have a reservation for Disney Swan resort for this month. Made the reservation before the Starwood integration last August. Now 8 months later I noticed that $50 per day extra person fee has been added to our reservation. This fee was not in there when the reservation was made and was not there just 2 months ago when I attached SNAs to that reservation.
I have multiple screenshots to prove it. What would you do if this happen to you? 
Do you think I have any hope at fighting to have it removed at all?  Normally I would call the Titanium line and ask them if they can sort this out for me, but the competency of the customer service rep has been such a hit and miss lately. I’m afraid they will somehow mess it up or accidentally cancel my reservation and we will lose all of our fast passes. Plus I think any modification to our reservation will increase the required points needed for the stay because this reservation was made before the integration. 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !