Hotel Review: Delta in Green Bay, WI -- not dazzled by it!

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I finally got to stay at a Delta hotel after various attempts at going to one fell through over that past few months because of changing travel plans. This past Sunday, March 31, my work colleagues and I pulled in to the Delta on Ramada Way in Green Bay around 10:30 pm. I had tried to confirm a room upgrade through the mobile app beginning the day before but got mixed messages from the responders in chat. When we pulled in, there were very few cars in the parking lot, so I thought, "Hooray, an upgrade is practically guaranteed!" Alas, it was not to be. No upgrade, no drinks (bar was already closed), no local newspaper, and no hope for a good free breakfast! Even some schmoozing didn't get me any extras as a Titanium member.


As I told the desk clerk upon checking out, "Delta is better than an Aloft, but not as good as a Fairfield Inn!"


The rooms are small and the bathroom tight. There was a small balcony with a sliding door as part of the room, but no furniture on the balcony so you'd have to move a chair and table from the room out to the balcony. (It's possible that they just haven't added balcony furniture yet, since it's still cold outside in Green Bay.)


Delta has 24-hour pantry (which makes a Delta better than an Aloft) with snacks and drinks, but no place to sit in it. There is an espresso/cappuccino machine in the pantry as well. Breakfast consists of pastries, toast, cereal, instant oatmeal, pre-made yogurt, fruit, and granola cups and fruit cups (which is what makes a Delta not as good as a Fairfield Inn which has numerous complimentary hot breakfast choices). There are no trays in the pantry, making it difficult to take a few things to the room or down to the lobby to sit and eat. (even a Super 8 motel has trays in their breakfast area!)


The only newspaper available is the Wall Street Journal.


The beds were comfortable, and my work colleagues all said that they slept well. The shower was very nice. Although shower gel was not included as a bath amenity in the room, it was available by request at the front desk (which seemed a bit odd to me!)


There was a recycling bin in the room, which was nice to see.


As of today, I've gotten my points for only one of my rooms, but not for the other which seems a bit odd. I'll wait another day before I call the hotel to find out what the problem is and update this post when I find out more.

POINTS UPDATE 4/4/2019: Called the hotel in the morning and was told that once I check out there is nothing the hotel can do and that I have to call Marriott. Called Marriott later in the afternoon. After an initial explanation to the customer service rep, I was put on hold for over 25 minutes while she did whatever she needed to do, which including calling the hotel (as she told me). My points are now in my account, but I still don't have the folios available for download (desk clerk said on the phone that there was a glitch between the hotel and Marriott's system). What a mess!


Needless to say, I wasn't DAZZLED by this Delta hotel, and if it is a typical example I doubt that I will ever stay at one again. In my view, Delta hardly qualifies as a "Premium" brand in the Marriott universe. I would downgrade it to "Select."


Double Queen

Beds in a double queen room. Sliding door to balcony behind curtain. Desk attached to wall with a desk chair to the right.


coffee maker

Coffee maker shelf attached to wall between entry door (left) and bathroom door (right).




Shower in bathroom. Visible in reflection is sink and mirror on the other side.


bathroom amenities

Bathroom amenities (little bottles for Insiders who like the portability of taking amenities home!)


hotel room balcony

Standing on the (empty) balcony looking into the room. I guess one could take the small table and the padded chair out on to the balcony if you wanted to sit out there.


Delta Pantry 1

The pantry on the fifth floor -- no chairs; nowhere to sit. Take your things and juggle them to get out the door because there are no trays for you to carry things on. For a quick juice or a single cup of coffee--GREAT. For more than one thing, totally user-UNfriendly!


Beverage refrigerator

Beverage refrigerator with water, juice, and soda. A small fridge under the counter (see previous pic) has fruit cups, yogurt, and fruit/yogurt/granola cups.