Fairfield Inn&Suites Fort Worth Southwest

Discussion created by rowdy1438 on Apr 4, 2019

Hi Insiders! 

I wanted to let you know about a recent stay I had at a Fairfield Inn in Ft. Worth Southwest. It is a brand new property opened in January, I believe. It is nice, new and in a great location but what really sets it apart is the staff. During my stay there was an incident (which I will leave the details out because I do not believe it necessary to publicly comment on the specifics because it involved a tragic situation which I would not be able to put myself in-no one was harmed, just nasty words). However, what I will say is that the incident was well outside of what I imagine the standard Marriott protocol training/handbook would be for crazy stuff that can happen. I mention this because the staff involved were new employees, there is no additional security at FFI other than the employees on duty, and it was in a great location. The concern of Emani and Phillip for the guests over their own security was admirable. After the incident, I emailed the GM and she was very responsive and communicative with regards to the incident. This was a complete random event that could happen anywhere, but the staff at this hotel are either inherently suited for this career and amazing and/or had great training and support. If you find yourself in the Ft. Worth area, give this hotel a try!