What's Happening to Promotions?

Discussion created by jmf2238 on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by hallchr

Where did the good, "stay 25 nights in some time frame and get 50,000 points go?". The newest promotion, said it was developed specially for me, gives me double elite night credit. I am a lifetime titanium elite member, why do I care about elite nights? I am finding Hiltons promotions to be much better than Marriott's over the last year or so and that is the complete opposite of my first 20 years or so in the Marriott program. I have given about 2/3 of my 150 nights/yr in a hotel room to Marriott in the past and about a 1/3 to Hilton. With these types of promotions I will probably switch that this year. Is anybody else feeling that Marriott is getting very stingy with points?