Marriott Chase CC closed

Discussion created by annew20 on Mar 29, 2019
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I found out this morning that Chase has closed my Bonvoy credit card when I just opened it last month.  I opened this account specifically to get the extra 100k Bonus Marriott points.  The requirements were to spend $5k in 3 months.  I had already spent $2500 in the first month but now all of that effort is gone.  I spoke to Chase this morning & she said that I have a fraud alert set with the credit agencies (true) & Chase approved & opened the account but as policy, they neglected to call me to verify it was really me.  So they had to close the account since there was no verification on their part.  She even stated that it was no fault of my own.  I told her now I won't be able to get the 100k bonus points!!  It was going to be a stretch to try to spend $5k in 3 months but I had it figured out & was on my way of reaching the $5k spend.  She could do nothing about it.  I am done with Chase.  I can't believe they couldn't do anything, like reaching out to Marriott to post half the points or give me a statement credit for their error.  Not very good customer service.