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Marriott Ocean Pointe vs Oceana Palms vs Singer Island Marriott ?

Question asked by halfwayaroundtheworld on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2019 by fschumpert
We have hard time deciding on which hotel to choose for our next vacation and wondering if anybody can give us some input. We would like a beach front property. Full kitchen and washer dryer is a must since we will be traveling with 3 young children & one of them has gluten allergy. Fun children friendly pool or splash pad would be great. Right now we are considering either Marriott Ocean Pointe, Marriott Oceana Palms or Singer Island Marriott. 
We are trying to decide which one would be the best fit for us. 
I’m also trying to understand why Marriott Oceana Palms costs more points per night compared to Ocean Pointe. And Singer Island Marriott costs more than the other two. Does this necessarily mean that the hotel that cost more offers more amenities? Or newer and nicer? 
I’ve checked all the hotel website and failed to see significant difference in amenities. From the website, it seems Ocean Pointe, which is the cheapest one of all, has nicer pools that seem to be more fun for the children. I found reviews though, that mentioned bed bugs at Ocean Pointe.  One of them is as recently as this week, so there is concern about the cleanliness. The last thing we need is dealing with bed bug infestation after two long days of driving.
Would really love to hear from the insiders about what they think of these properties and how they compare to each other. 
Thank you so much !