Tuscon Airport Courtyard - Good Value, Nice Staff

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Spent a few nights in Tuscon during (college) Spring break where my favorite (now college) baseball player's team was enjoying warm weather and full schedule of baseball (day after day of double headers) at the massive Kino Sports Complex...  The team was staying at one of the many airport hotels, so we stayed at the nearby Airport Courtyard ... (Yeah, we thought about the JW, but it was too far away, and everyone was staying in one of the airport properties ... maybe next time.)

  • We enjoyed a suite (with a nice little balcony!), which was great when my son came to chat in the evening.
    • Suite was particularly awesome when one of us stayed up (or got up early) to work, while the other slept.
  • Wonderful staff at the property - particularly at the Bistro (where we ate multiple meals, and enjoyed refreshing iced Americano's after a long, hot, dry day outside)....
  • Small, but competent gym ... and a pool (which we didn't take advantage of).
  • A few blocks away was a (surprisingly competent) sushi bar/Asian fusion restaurant - desert sushi? sounds like an oxymoron - where a large group of us had a hugely entertaining (and satisfying) evening.


We squeezed in a short, but gratifying hike, up Tumamoc Hill, home of the University of Arizona's Desert Laboratory (and nature preserve), a splendid, accessible hiking spot, offering immersion into the Sonoran Desert and expansive views of the valley.

on the hill

The preserve offers a stunning collection of cactus, including some of the most impressive Saguro (pronounced sah-WAH-ro) I've seen, from kids (which may initially bloom in their 30's) to grizzled elders (the impressive, mature, iconic-looking monsters, which tend to be more than 100 years old)....

just a baby


It was only a 3-mile round trip/hike (smooth, but steep in parts, going up), enhanced by 700-feet of elevation, but well worth doing.. 


Oh yeah, and there was baseball, lots of baseball:

My favorite catcher, Spring Break in Tucson

A quick, but fun trip....