Suite Night Awards (SNAs) vs Free Night

Discussion created by msannmcd on Mar 27, 2019

When SNA's were announced as an SPG perk being added to the Marriott Rewards/Bonvoy program as part of the merger, I was truly excited at the prospect. Getting the occasional suite upgrade as a (previous) platinum premier (now titanium) I thought it was an awesome way to actually request an upgrade when you really wanted one. 


Well, here we are 3 months into 2019. I've had SNA's since reaching 50 nights last August.  I (wrongly) opted for an additional 5 SNAs when I selected my 75 night award. Thus, I got, and continue to have, 10 SNA's in my Bonvoy account. Why? Every attempt to use them has been rejected. Other times when I've wanted to use them, the hotel doesn't offer an actual suite but a larger room. I suspect at the end of the calendar year, when these SNAs expire, I will still have 10 in my account.


Today, I tried to apply one to an award stay. My husband and I plan to stay at the Orlando Rennaissance. We will be there for less then 12 hours. Still, since I'm with my husband, I figured it would be a great opportunity to use one with a higher percentage of getting it awarded since it was for one night only. Imagine my surprise when I saw the following disclaimer that SNA's were NOT allowed for this reservation (when R&T's state they can be applied to award stays). I clicked on details and got the following explanation:


Suite Night Awards cannot be applied to this reservation because there may be not Standard Suites or other premium rooms available during your selected dates, or the hotel may not participate in Suite Night Awards.

So I guess this is a live and learn moment. A bird in the hand (a free night award!) is worth 2 (or 10 SNAs) in the bush. I'll be smarter this year. Maybe this will prevent others from making the same mistake I did. Cheers!