Should Have Changed Careers

Discussion created by vickiinvirginia on Mar 25, 2019
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Apropos of nothing at all, but I had such a unique experience at dinner tonight.  One of our sons lives near us here in Virginia, and about every other month, he takes me out to dinner at a particular seafood restaurant to gorge on raw oysters. (Side note:  He's a very sweet son and if you're a son, take your mother out to dinner occasionally!)  Anyway, as he paid tonight with his Marriott VISA, the server asked how long he'd been a Marriott Rewards member.  He looked clueless because his wife is the Marriott aficionado and he uses that card because she tells him to do so.  I piped up, however, and said we were definitely a Marriott family, so we got to discussing it, and she said that she had retired from Marriott after having been an employee for a little more than 25 years.  She was full of praise for the way Marriott treated her as an employee, and asked if I knew the greatest perk of being a retired Marriott employee which, of course, I didn't. She said that, barring some restrictions, she got free Marriott rooms the rest of her life, then proceeded to tell me about the great vacations she'd been on recently. 


My question is this:  Why did I waste 25 years being a teacher???  If only I'd known!  And did  you all know this?  Switch careers right now!