Much Better CS in China

Discussion created by bosyh on Mar 25, 2019

Just want to share a solution to a problem I had with marriott. Customer service is horrible. Hotel no longer giving points for my points stay despite I had spent 1000 USD+ at the hotel restaurants and in-room dinning. Posted as 5 nights of stay and 0 points to my account. Called US CS, told me “it is not posted all the way” and asked me to wait, which is just false. Maybe in the first few hours it can show as 0 points but not days as I have experienced. 

Since I speak Chinese I called the Chinese CS line (Marriott actually no long has a dedicated elite line now in China after the merger.) They asked me to sent them an email with the hotel folio and it was solved after a day.


So if you are also struggling with the stupidity of current US CS phone agent and the 1+ month response time for email. Maybe you should look into calling or emailing the Asian CS, and yes they do speak English as well. To find their contact switch the language/region of bonvoy's website to China.