Chase Marriott Legacy card EQN never posted

Discussion created by robineos on Mar 25, 2019
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I looked over my account and my Marriott account shows ZERO EQNs earned for each $3k in spend since Jan 2015. It only shows the 15 EQN for my 2019 anniversary and 25 for 2018. No EQNs for how much I spent and I have spent plenty.


I checked all of my Chase statement and none of them show nights earned either. 


I called but Marriott and Chase CS.  Marriott was worthless and pretty much didn't even know what an EQN was. She just kept talking about the 15 and 25.  Chase says all were transferred but cannot tell me how many or when. 


How can I find out if those were actually credited? 

When did Chase start with an annual bonus (since I had the card since 2015 but only got night credit for two of those years)?


Help is much appreciated.


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