The Alchemy behind Marriott Titanium to United Silver Transmutation

Discussion created by betterdays on Mar 24, 2019
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When you achieve Titanium Elite status with Marriott, one of the benefits available to you is complimentary Premier Silver status with United Airlines. As a newly minted Titanium Elite, I was excited to sign up for this benefit since I have a couple flights scheduled with United this year.  So I gave it a shot and here's what happened.


It sure would be nice to include a search feature on the Marriott website. Since there is no search feature, I knew I'd just have to click through the appropriate pages to find what I wanted to know.


I clicked through several pages on trying to find out how to sign up, but I was unsuccessful.


The obvious place to look, at least in my mind, would be the Titanium Elite benefits page. I found nothing there...


So I tried the FAQs.  Again nothing. 


I scanned over the links at the bottoms of pages.  Still nothing. 


"It HAS to be in the Terms & Conditions," I thought.  So I looked there.  Again... nothing.


My next step was to try the old stand-by, the Insiders forum. A quick search (thankfully available on the forum) revealed a link I could click to sign up. Unfortunately, when I clicked the link I saw the little dot move back and forth for quite some time before it timed out completely. Ugh.


It was time to call someone and figure this thing out.


The representative I spoke with was unfamiliar with the benefit and fairly quickly involved a supervisor. The supervisor provided a link that I could type into my browser window that, when entered, produced an error message. After repeated attempts that continued without success, an elite program specialist was contacted on my behalf. This person provided slightly different link information, and tried the link on a personal device to make sure it would work for me.  Woot!

While I couldn't get the link to work in Mozilla or Chrome, I was able to make it work with Microsoft Edge. So if you have Titanium Status with Marriott and are experiencing difficulty acquiring Premier Silver status on your MileagePlus account with United, see if this link works for you.


Turn my Titanium into Silver