Parking fees at non-resort non-downtown hotels?

Discussion created by loren on Mar 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by slhoffman

I just finished with a stay at the Residence Inn Dallas Central Expressway.  The hotel is not a new property and shares it's parking with the adjacent Courtyard.  I certainly don't remember seeing a notice at the time I made the reservation that there was a per day parking fee, but did see on the website the week before the trip, that a parking fee was being charged effective sometime earlier this year.  My real issue with the fee is that it really seems to be just a money grab, while allowing a deceptively low quoted room price.  There was no additional amenity to the parking, no noticeable security, no structure, just the same parking lot that has been there since the hotel was built.  No in and out control, just a paper to leave on your dash.  I just find the practice to be deceptive.


I can somewhat see parking fees for downtown hotels, which require parking structures or underground facilities, but not for the outlying properties that have had the same parking lot for years and years.