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Frustrated!! Loyal member, feeling shorted...

Question asked by concast93 on Mar 22, 2019
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Hey All,


I hope all is well.  I have been saving up Starwood/ Marriott points for years now, so I could take my wife to her dream destination Santorini! We have not been on a vacation in several years, because our children are young. 
I looked into Vedema, and both of us are incredibly impressed with this hotel. However, when I try to use points to book rooms, I am only given the standard room option. I have made Marriott a part of my life, I have done everything in my power to stay loyal to them for years, I have the highest status, and have never used my points.
All I want is to make this trip as special for my wife as possible, so I wanted to book a suite with points. Why do I slave to get these points, only to be told that I cannot use them in the way I want. I do not care if I have to use every single one of my points, I would like that option. There has to be better reward programs out there that do not devalue your points by only letting you book standard rooms. 
Furthermore, I have sent several messages to Marriott customer service to help me solve several issues. I sent the first one over 8 months ago, and still have not heard back. So, I called and the agent said I just needed to book 4 nights and the 5th one was free, so that is what I did. Now, I called, because I did not see the fifth night coming up, and they said "sorry you did not book 5 nights, and now all of the rooms are full" (this trip is in September). I said "well that is how you all told me to do it", and they responded by saying "this is our system and nothing can be done about it". 
The person on the phone was incredibly rude, and talked to me like I was a child, and talked in circles trying to get me off the phone sooner. I would just love to talk to someone who actually values the loyalty I have had to Marriott for years! My dad, and my dad's dad are Marriott people, and no we are not incredibly wealthy, but we spend over 75 nights a year at these hotels, and I feel like no one cares. 
Can anyone point me in the right direction to talk to someone who might actually care about retaining my family and I as loyal members? Someone who will not give me the generic answers written on the post cards in front of them?
Thank you