Resort Fees Aren't Enough

Discussion created by superchief1 on Mar 23, 2019
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I just returned from vacation at Marriott Canyon Villas in Phoenix. We have access to the JW Marriott Desert Ridge (except on crowded weekends) and typically like to use the lazy river at that resort. They have implemented a new 'revenue enhancement' policy at this resort. Large sections near the middle and upper pool are now blocked off for 'reserved' lounge chairs. These cost $45 per day per lounge chair. This is in addition to the resort fees that guests typically pay. 


I noticed this last year during my visit, but the reserved section was small and there were plenty of regular lounge chairs available. Now the section represents at least 25% of available space. When I was there last Monday, all of the free chairs were full by 10:30 am, and the reserved section was almost empty. These fees are really getting out of hand. Guests are already paying a premium room rate for these resort facilities in addition to resort fees, parking, and high state/local taxes. How can anyone on vacation be expected to pay an additional $45 per lounge chair just to be able to enjoy the pool area. I understand several resorts in the Phoenix area have started this policy.