When will the IT issues stop?

Discussion created by rowdy1438 on Mar 22, 2019
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When will the IT issues stop? I am a big Marriott fan. I think the traditional Marriott brands are great, I think the traditional service is great, I think the rewards benefits are great, but I am over the moon on all the IT issues. MRI goes down every few days for days at a time and I dont know where to go for information. I get bored. I have to chase points on most full service property stays. This is getting super annoying. Im not going to switch brands and someone posted a bit ago about complaining about complaining. BUT---Im doing it. My airline points always seem to post within hours. I shouldnt have to follow up on getting credit for my 2 or 3 stays outs of 4 every month after 10 days of not being able to get your business together. RANT sort of over