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Why does my Suite Night Upgrade Option instantly get cancelled?

Question asked by jmessi1 on Mar 20, 2019
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Why does my Suiite Upgrade Option instantly get cancelled?


I have a stay in Las Vegas in August at the Residence Inn Las Vegas Convention Center.  I see the option to do a suite night upgrade (I have 10 nights and my stay is for 7 nights).  I apply to use those nights to the hotel. I get a email saying its added and not 10 seconds later, I get an email saying thank you for canceling my suite night upgrade request.


I've tried going through customer service, who put the request in and they see it instantly cancelled and they don't know why.


Is there some fine print in the suite upgrade that I'm missing?  I know that whether or not i get it is left till 5 nights before.. but am I putting the request in too far ahead of time?  Also, this is a 7 night stay form the night and flight miles reward from last year.  Are those 7 nights simply not eligible for an upgrade?


Nobody seems to know why it instantly kicks my request out of the system... (including Marriott customer service).  Any wise person on insiders have a clue or maybe have run into this before?


Thanks in advance!



John Messina