Starwood data breach: check if you were in it!

Discussion created by yogib on Mar 21, 2019
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For those of you who missed the email: Marriott released a portal that allows members to send in a request to check if they were included in the affected data.


I did the request myself and today I got confirmation:

Dear YogiB,


We are in receipt of your inquiry regarding whether your personal data was involved in the recent

Starwood Guest Reservation Database security incident.


Based on the information you provided to us, we believe that your information was involved

Following our analysis, we believe that the following information about you was involved in the



* Name

* Birthdate

* Birthday (Month and Day Only)

* Address Information

* Primary Email Address

* Primary Phone Number

* Other Phone Information

* Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Number

* Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Loyalty Status and Balances

* Guest Frequent Traveler Program Information

* Starwood Executive Traveler Number

* Guest Opt-In Preferences

* Email Communication Preferences

* Reservation Details

* Central Starwood Unique Record Locator

* Employed at Starwood (Y/N)

* Record History Information


Where available in your country/region, Marriott is offering affected guests the opportunity to

enroll in a personal information monitoring service free of charge for one year. More information

about this service can be found at info.starwoodhotels.com.


If you have further questions or requests regarding this information, please contact us through this

portal. You will continue to have access to this request for the next 30 days.


Thank you.

Marriott Privacy Center


Having used Crossover Rewards, I've immediately alerted Delta Airlines that someone has access to my Delta SkyMiles number and enough personal details for identity theft over the phone or email communication.


I've requested assistance in securing my account further or having a new membership number issued.


You can send in your own request to see if you've had details leaked in the data breach through this form.