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Missing Marriott Event Reward Points

Question asked by brnahmnn on Mar 12, 2019

I was reviewing my Marriott rewards activity, and just noticed that I never received my Reward Event Points for hosting my two previous sales meetings at Marriott properties.  Before I returned the signed contract, I confirmed I properly included my Marriott reward number, that the checked box acknowledging I qualify to participate was checked, and that the Marriott property was a participant in the Rewarding Events program.  My 2018 sales meeting required a signed contract and payment for 331 rooms, while my 2019 sales meeting required reservations and payment for 326 rooms.  I have copies of the contracts signed by both parties including copies of the checks before they were cashed.  I would appreciate any advice you can provide regarding whom I should contact at Marriott and how to receive the maximum amount of Marriott reward points for hosting my sales meetings at participating Marriott properties.  Thank you for your time, take care.