Compensation not honoured by Marriott

Discussion created by gwamor on Mar 12, 2019

I post this on FT and I might as well post it here:


I called on March 6 morning CET to try to attach a TP cert into a hotel reservation made before the hotel moved up in one category. The agent reassured me that she will attach the cert and said they have been going that in the past years and they should be able to do it.

Nothing happened and I called again. Got an agent based in Mexico City and she forwarded it to her supervisor. She said the system won't allow to do it and she offered me 30k points as compensation (as a 50% discount to upgrade my cert) and I said I'd rather have the cert attached. She opened a case and I asked her to put down the 30k offer if the cert couldn't be attached. She promised me she did. Nothing happened so I called again and the second agent saw the 30k in the case, and she told me to wait.

Now a week later I got an email stating that they will be offering me 10k points and I wrote back and told her that I was promised 30k . Now they wrote back again saying that they can understand my frustration and 10k is what they offer now.

I'm really disappointed by Marriott - basically they are letting phone agent to tell their customers whatever they want to hear and deny bluntly afterwards.


I wonder if anyone knows if Marriott keep telephone conversation recordings? I know I messed up by not calling before March 5 but when I was promised 30k points I expect it will be honoured.