My Struggle as a Tax Exempt Traveler at the Westin Denver Airport

Discussion created by andreampa on Mar 11, 2019
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I know this has been a topic discussed in the past, but I want to revive it as I've been struggling to get a tax refund from the Westin Hotel at the Denver airport since I checked out, on March 1. As a Department of the Interior employee, I am a qualified tax exempt business traveler, who uses a government-issued credit card and always submits a tax exemption form at the time of the check in. On March 1, when I checked out I received a statement including the posted taxes and notified the front desk employee and requested a correction. The employee confirmed that they had the paperwork complete to verify the tax exemption status. She told me that they would send me an updated bill within the next day or so. I've been calling their billing department since Monday, March 4, and the answer I receive from whoever gets receives the call is that the statement will be fixed and posted to the Marriott website. Today, that hotel stay was posted to my account on and although I see the "download" button, the receipt hasn't been posted there. I checked my government credit card account and I still don't see a refund for the tax wrongfully charged. This is very upsetting and disappointing. The Westin at the Denver airport is a nice hotel, but if they don't want to do business with federal employees, they shouldn't offer government rates.