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Does Marriott have any control over their new group of hotels?  Particularly Tribute Hotels?

Question asked by sst on Mar 11, 2019

As a Gold Elite member, I booked a one-week stay at the Tribute Hotel in Amsterdam (new to the Marriott Bonvoy) and have spent a total of 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Customer Service in the USA to ask for their help in correcting a price changed by the hotel without my permission.  


I have spoken with two different customer service reps who promised to call me back after they reached the Tribute Hotel in Amsterdam to make the correction.  Neither of them called back.  


 I have over 1MM points with Marriott and have used them exclusively for 35 years of travel.   This "Marriott Bonvoy" has me concerned.....and disappointed.  I depart on March 20th and still have no resolution to the problem.


Any suggestions on who to talk to?