Losing Platinum Status Gained During Gold Challenge in Early 2018 Due to Bonvoy Implementation

Discussion created by vesmith25 on Mar 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by chanmin.lee

I received Marriott Gold Status last January 2018. When the new status levels were released I was changed to Platinum in August 2018 as that was the new equivalent of my current status level. My understanding of completing a status challenge is that you maintain the status through the year earned as well as the following year. On March 3, 2019 my status was downgraded to Gold.


I spent over an hour on the phone with customer representatives yesterday (a representative and a first level supervisor) being told that as I only had 42 nights last year Gold was my correct level. They simply could not understand that as my status was achieved during a challenge I should still be Platinum. One of them was extremely rude as well. They were saying as I did a Gold challenge I still have Gold status and there was nothing they could do. I finally spoke with a second level supervisor and was told I was correct and that I should still be Platinum and they are working to correct the issue as obviously I am not the only person experiencing this problem. 


Has anyone else in this same situation been experiencing these same issues with customer service? I have several upcoming reservations and was told to have the hotel contact the customer service reps and they would tell them my correct status until the issue is fixed. Realistically I do not see how this solution will work since there are obviously many reps that do not understand the issue and would likely tell the hotel I am still Gold. 


I am beyond frustrated at this point. Any suggestions with how to proceed would be appreciated. I'm hoping perhaps someone else has been successful with getting a similar situation sorted out. Thank you in advance!