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Discussion created by nmb255 on Mar 10, 2019
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Why on earth can't the lounge information be part of the hotel information on the main website.


Given that lounge access is a benefit and more so now linked with breakfast at some places you think it would be simple for a lounge status and operating hours to be part of the hotel information available whilst booking. Instead we have to run over to flyertalk and search through. Come on Marriott fix this.


An example of the crazyness. I'm here in the lounge of the Westin Bangkok. Great lounge, wonderful staff the hotel should be proud of them. The hotel website can tell me the rate for breakfast, that there is a barber available, all the restaurants and that there are newspapers in the lobby. No mention of the lounge or that there are newspapers in the lounge!


The availability of a lounge is a deciding factor in my choice of hotel.  Lounge access is one of the top benefits I value. Why hide the knowledge?