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Promotion of additional nights for

Question asked by mvanderhaar on Mar 10, 2019

Promotion of additional elite night credits for qualifying stays from the time you registered to April 30


I was offered the promotion this year of getting additional night credits ,up to April 30th, for each qualifying stay.  I understood that Qualifying stays was 2 consecutive nights 

i also understood that qualifying stay could be paid for by points but could not be considered qualifying if a free night certificate was redeemed 

i am working hard to get my platinum status renewed for 2019 and just spent 10 days in Hawaii with one night paid. I called support when my additional nights were not credited and was told that rooms paid for with points didn’t qualify. Totally different from my understanding. I would really appreciate your help and so glad the site is back up. I’m getting tempted to give my efforts to an company that may respect them. Any feedback and additional information that I may be lacking would be greatly appreciated!

thank you again!