Credit card "path to gold"

Discussion created by jeffreymac on Mar 8, 2019
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Anyone in the know on this?  I know it's new and I'm not sure that anyone could have experienced first hand yet.  Well, I suppose some of you mega spenders may.



1.  As a card holder you are automatically a silver member (that takes 15 nights otherwise)

     -- I'm going to presume given the seemingly new cheapness purveying from Marriott, that the 15 nights per year are         what is getting you this.

2.  If you spend 35K, you get Gold Status.  (25 nights otherwise).


Question I have is - do you actually GET THE NIGHTS equivalent for that status?  Or are you just earning status?  Do you literally have 25 nights (I suppose 15 yearly/silver + the 10 it takes to get to gold).


Nevermind that the old card would give you the actual elite nights per 3K spending, meaning that for 35K you were actually closer to 12 nights (+15 annual, giving you 27 and more than half way to Platinum)


I'm guessing that you get 15 nights and if you spend 35K you get gold - which is essentially nothing - and still have 15 nights to show for it?  But does anyone know this for a fact?