Why a Physical Membership Card Matters

Discussion created by vickiinvirginia on Mar 7, 2019
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While I'm sure Marriott has no interest in helping me get a status match with another hotel entity, nor should they, I will be stuck in April at a fancy-dancy Hilton Tapestry Collection hotel and spa for a convention with no Marriott within several miles.  I have absolutely no choice but to stay at this Hilton.  To prepare for this stay, I've had NUMEROUS email discussions back and forth with Hilton about matching status.  I've combined a screenshot showing Lifetime Titanium status/account number and a screenshot of my account showing my first and last name/account number.  I combined these into 1 jpg and included it along with my latest Marriott bill (and boy-oh-boy, have I been spending at Marriott the last 10 days!).  Hilton won't accept the combined  jpg because they want a card showing my first and last name.  I've explained that there is no such card.  I've explained everything I can think of to explain, and sent other documentation.  I have no more ideas.  There are several older threads about status matching on Insiders, and I've read them and followed the advice therein, to no avail.  If Marriott had a hotel available where I'm going, I'd stay there, but they don't, so if I have to stay at a Hilton, I'd like to have the matched status.  I just want a membership card that shows my whole name.  Why is that so hard?