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Marriott points get missing when transferring to airline

Question asked by gregoryhimhim on Mar 7, 2019

it has come to my attention that my marriott bonvoy points are ‘stolen’ by marriott company. I transfer my points to airline partner cathay pacific on jan 07 2019, the agents said they saw this transaction and it also show on my account activities!t Ridiculously, my points are gone. I tried to call the agent and they said the confirmaion number. However, nothing was received from Asia Miles. So where is my point now? I need to wait 30 more days to transfer to my airline account? As a titanium member i am really disappointed. No one cares about it and i have been waiting for the long long time and get nothing. I expect to wait 4-6 weeks but now it has already been 8 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone please Share if you have similar experience?? Both parties keep saying its not their problem and it seems they just not want to take responsibility.