Assistance Front Desk Office Manager with the "spirit to serve"

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I'm from Hong Kong and moved to Scandinavia to be with my other half for more than 20 years. We do go back to visit Hong Kong have been staying at various Marriott brand hotels in Hong Kong in the past years and there was no one I met that deserve this award (I nominated a few in other countries). However the recent stay at SkyCity Marriott Hong Kong I found this associate that truly deserves the award.


Michael Chan - the assistant Front Office Manager of the hotel.


My very first communication with him was after my stay last year after the positive survey I gave to the hotel. I stayed at the hotel again this February and before the stay I sent him email asking about my upcoming stay and I got my answer promptly.


I was surprised when I was greeted by him at the door when I arrived at the hotel (honestly I was overwhelmed).


The above are not the main reasons I nominated him (I think it shows how he has the "spirit to serve"), the real reason was how he showed his "spirit to serve" spirit in various situations and in staff training. I know he is responsible for the front desk downstairs and the lounge, and all the lounge staff and front desk staff I dealt with are happy with their job (the staff at the hotel have been there for years because they are happy - unlike some other hotels). He takes care of his employees and showed them the spirit of "spirit to serve" - that it's important to make sure guests have their best experience during their stays (like telling the associates to be polite and nice when guests are around). He is also very passionate about the development of the hotel, for example he was very excited about the upcoming modification of the lounge.


I was staying with my kids at the hotel and they really enjoyed their stay - as soon as we checked out they started talking about coming back next year! My children and other families are welcome at the lounge - Michael has made sure that every of guests with different needs are being taken of and no one is being left out. We really appreciated that and children are the future and having good experience in a hotel brand will definitely shape their preferences when they grow up.


I hope Michael will get the award - he deserves it.